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FAQs and Rates

Samantha Guevrekian


Rates & Schedule

Individual Lessons

30 Minute Lesson ($35)

45 Minute Lesson ($50)

60 Minute Lesson ($65)

     * Scranton, PA

     * Carbondale, PA

5 Lesson Series

30 Minute Lessons ($165)

45 Minute Lessons ($235)

60 Minute Lessons ($310)

     * Virtual Lessons also available! *

* As availability varies, please contact Samantha regarding your specific scheduling needs.

More details will be provided in the FIRST LESSON document, sent upon scheduling

your initial lesson.

  • How are payments made?
    Payment for individual lessons is expected at the time of the lesson, and can be made via cash, check, or Venmo. First lessons require advance payment online via the link that will be included in your introductory email. Prepaid series require full payment at the time of the first lesson, with an initial deposit to be made in advance of the first lesson as specified above. 'Series' lessons generally must be used within 10 weeks of the first scheduled lesson, however some flexibility is available in circumstances of scheduling issues.
  • What should I expect in a first lesson?
    Singing in front of a new person, especially one-on-one, can be a little stressful, but you needn’t worry about your first lesson with me. Here’s what to expect: We’ll chat about your past singing experience, discuss what kinds of music you like best, and talk about your future goals regarding your singing. I’ll lead you through some simple vocal exercises to get to know your instrument. Finally, we’ll discuss some options for moving forward with lessons. That’s it! Easy peasy. Once we’ve gotten beyond our initial get acquainted session, we’ll typically spend the first half of your lesson on vocal exercises to build your technique. We’ll spend the second half singing repertoire and putting that technique into practice.
  • What should I wear and bring?
    - Wear loose fitting clothing that allows you to breathe and move freely, possibly on the floor. - Please bring sheet music in a binder. (Note: For specific audition, please email music three days in advance) - Water - Recording device of choice
  • What is the cancellation and lateness policy?
    Your private lesson time has been reserved exclusively for you. If you need to cancel, I require a minimum of 24 hours notice by phone 570-290-8355 and email, or you’ll be responsible to pay for the missed lesson. Not Sure Whether to Cancel? - If it’s close to 24 hours before your lesson and you think you may be getting sick or anticipate a possible conflict but don’t want to cancel yet, call me at 570-290-8355 as a ‘head’s up’ to cover yourself, & we’ll go from there. That gives me an opportunity to get someone on deck, and you’re off the hook! :) Running Late? - Please email AND leave a message at 570-290-8355. Both will be checked on a break. If you're not on time, unfortunately I’m unable to extend the reserved lesson time or make-up lessons missed due to unreliable traffic conditions, etc.
  • What are general studio policies and protocols?
    After you schedule your first lesson with Samantha via e-mail or phone, you’ll receive an e-mail with details regarding studio policies and protocol, including important details pertinent to your first lesson. Please be on the lookout for e-mail with FIRST LESSON INFO, and read at least a few days before your lesson to ensure smooth sailing when you arrive.
  • What kinds of singers work with you?
    I work with a broad range of singers from professional musicians looking to improve their craft to those who want to develop their vocal ability and have more singing in their daily life, or those who may even be afraid to sing! This diversity of singers is one of the reasons that I love my job and it is my goal to help each singer that comes in find their own unique voice.
  • What ages do you teach?
    All ages! There's certainly no age limit on finding one's voice! I believe that developmentally and educationally, younger children are best off studying basic music skills since their physical bodies aren't developed enough to work on vocal technique. So for the youngsters, I incorporate beginner piano, rhythm, and fun vocal exercises to help build their creativity and confidence!
  • How frequently do you recommend that I come for lessons?
    Frequency of sessions is up to you! I encourage you to choose a pace that allows you to best take advantage of what you’re learning in the lessons. Like any physical activity, regular sessions with consistent practice provide the most efficient growth. Whatever frequency you choose: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even quarterly- I recommend coming in regular intervals. Consistency and regular, focused practice will lead to the most efficient growth.





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